What is WOTC?

Since its inception in 1996, WOTC has helped more than 6 million individuals with little, if any, work place experience or skills, such as those that are on welfare and food stamps, as well as high risk youths (high school drop outs) and returning veterans to find meaningful employment.

With national unemployment still too high around 8% and with unemployment among the less skilled and under educated population at least twice than that, WOTC is an inexpensive, efficient, and productive program that helps people facing various barriers to finding employment move from being on public assistance to a path leading to financial independence.  For more information on WOTC and the “targeted groups” it serves, click here.

We ask that anyone who visits this website to take the time to read and evaluate the WOTC program.  We also request that you write to your Senators and/or Congressional representatives and urge them to support the current NEON initiative.  This website makes such an action easy and convenient by clicking on the above link to our Action Center to learn more about the initiative and follow the directions to submit a letter and voice your support.   

This website is sponsored by the National Employment Opportunity Network (NEON). NEON is a coalition comprised of service companies that work with employers nationwide to help facilitate the hiring of the WOTC-eligible population through the tax credit. Visitors to this website are encouraged to read the NEON mission statement as well as see a listing of our member companies.