Facts About WOTC


Key Facts

We have driven meaningful progress over the years
30 million certifications issued since 1996
$202 billion estimated savings over the past 10 years
$16.7 billion estimated federal savings
$3.5 billion estimated state savings
$7,600 estimated annual net federal savings per certification
$17,700 estimated total net savings per certification
$1,560 credit (maximum value to the employer for the base program)
190,000 veterans were certified in FY18, a 52% increase over FY15

How Much Does WOTC Save?

WOTC saved federal and state governments a net estimated $20.2 billion in annual entitlement spending in FY2018- $202 billion over 10 years . The average WOTC hire tenure is 2.3 years.

How Does WOTC Influence Hiring?

Employers who participate incorporate IRS and DOL WOTC screening forms into their job application process to help identify candidates who are potentially eligible for one or more WOTC categories. Hiring managers incorporate this information into the hiring decision. State Workforce Agencies (SWAs) then determine if the individual qualifies as WOTC eligible and issues a certification indicating eligibility.